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About Health Pyramid online video course

Health Pyramid Kit by Jiten Pyramid comes in a pair of two plates of 9x9. One plate is the color of red or orange and the other is supporting white.

We can use it in healing by Reiki or any alternative method of treatment by simply holding in two hands.

According to Prof. Dr. Bhatt, 3 Fa colors are Red, Orange and Maa colors are Green, Blue and Violet.

He has developed 6 health Pyra color plates and a supporting plate with White color.

This is Health Pyramid Kit of 9x9 and it is used as a pair for health & healing.

Normally, we use the single white plate. Appropriate color plate at the required locations & 1 white plate in the opposite side gives better results.

The online video course on Health Pyramid by Dr. Giridhar Shetty teaches the methodology to use it in a systematic way.

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