Vaastu For Main Door

About Vaastu For Main Door (Dwarved) online video course

As per Vastu Shastra, there are 32 possible entrances in any home or workplace. Each has its own property.

In this online video course of Vaastu Shastra by Dr. Giridhar Shetty, students or professionals will learn the art and science of Vaastu for Main door.

This step by step video training course of Vaastu Shastra for Main Door, students will learn to draw a grid of 9x9 before finding the right position of the main door.

If the main door is in wrong position in a ready constructed workplace or home, how can it be virtually rectified without demolition ?

This online video course for Main Door will provide solutions using a single and effective pyramid yantra.

Application of pyramid yantra from Jiten Pyramid changes the flow of auspicious energy into the workplace or home to attract good fortunes.

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